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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Project Description

This is an industry-innovative professional running sock, which has the advantages of shock absorption and non-slip, high elasticity and wear resistance, dehumidification and perspiration, breathable and light, antibacterial and deodorant. The anti-slip and shock-absorbing system of the soles of the feet has been upgraded (with a high-friction groove shading layout), and the ankles are designed with extended ankles, which will not rub the feet even if they wear high-bang shoes, creating a comfortable sports feeling for the user.
The A-GRIP PRO anti-slip yarn is used, combined with the high-friction groove shading layout, which can effectively play an anti-slip effect, endowing the adsorption friction between the sock sole and the insole, and perfectly fitting the arch of the foot and is not easy to shift. At the same time, combined with special imported astringent yarn, it increases the grip of the sole of the sock and improves the stability of the sole of the foot during exercise.
The heel has been thickened, and the elevation angle has been optimized (elevation angle is less than 100°, common running socks have an elevation angle greater than 120°), which effectively improves the fit of the ankle and keeps running for a long time.
It adopts the advanced seamless stitching process to ensure the perfect transition of the sock toe joints, avoiding foot fatigue or constant frictions caused by long-term wearing, and greatly enchancing the wearing comfort.


ANTA (CHINA) CO., LTD., established in 2000, is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in leather, fur, feather and its products and shoe-making.

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