IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

A breathing house


Projet Description

A young couple, want to have their own ideal place.A few years ago bought this house under the introduction of a friend, in the limited budget of large area blank through the restaurant and kitchen together, increase the social function of the space.Stair is the steel structure stair that leaves original space, use steel cable as armrest, ensured the sequence and permeability of the space.Sufficient storage area is added to each bedroom space.The top floor satisfies the family and friends to eat barbecue together in the summer, talk about all the hope of daily life, life is not more prosperous, but in the happiness of the family.


Guiyang Fine Space Interior Design Co., LTDFounder, Design Director I have learned painting art since childhood, and I love Oriental culture and modern conflict philosophy. In 2014, the Vann team was established. In the past 10 years, it has solved the conflict of space aesthetics for the local high-intellectual families, deepened the social nature of space, and integrated the "people-oriented" into the Oriental culture.The philosopher Protagola said that "man is the scale of all things". " During his entrepreneurship, he has been leading the team to deeply cultivate the field of interior design, trying to explore the modern Oriental residential way, through people-oriented thinking, improve the psychological ritual transformation, so that the lifestyle of space can be inherited, let the culture deeply inherited!Have not won any big prize, many small prize, wish in this love of the industry, can bring a comfortable, love, respect for the space culture!

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