IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

1089 art beauty center

by 6070 Inter Design Ltd.

Projet Description

Feather is one of our ideas came from. I want to create a light-feeling façade, and moving when wind blows, reflect lights from surroundings.
Project description
As light as feather, beauty as you is the slogan. We modified the facade by over 5250 pieces white metal panel, enlarge the entrance to 5 storeys height, all in white colour represents pure and clean. Over 30 workers hand-installed every panels in 40 days
It’s the first flagship store in China. Client is from Korea, intended to create a fashion and beauty mall in Chongqing. Curved lines, white, gold, and pink is the main design theme, throughout all over the mall.
Up to 5 storeys is existing building in which not allowed to modify.
Product technology
Metal panel with minimal screws. All panels are mounted at different angles, slightly different sizes. Existing structures being kept but added new balcony to fulfill fire regulation requirement.
Technical properties
A metal frame structure at the back to support the new facade. In order not to destroy the existing structure, we have to use light materials such as aluminum panel. Cleaning and maintenance is an issues therefore a semi gloss spray paint finish is using for easier to clean by water gun
Over 20 times mocks up had made, we modified the fixing details, try to minimize the screw and fixing points. To fulfill the air-circulation and meet the fire regulation is a big challenge.
Another big challenge is to get approval from the local Government. As the new facade is so unique and seldom being used as Chongqing, to convince the Government it will be a new landmark, a clean and simple facade with aesthetics, a modern and fashion mall that never ever opened in Chongqing, the mock up studies being an important part to convince the Governor.
Duration and location May 2017 in Chongqing China and finished in Dec 2018.
The creative
As every panels are in different angles, and we do not want to use too many screws, therefore using back fixing method is necessary. The whole building have been wrapped 1000mm by aluminum panels, as well as not to damage the existing structure is the hardest part.

6070 Inter Design Ltd.

6070 Interior Design Director- Pan Mok, gradeuated at Surrey University of Art and Design. With over 20 years of working experiences. Though specializes in Interior Design and Façade Renovation, she aims to integrate a cross-cultural approach into client’s project by working with architectural partner all over the world. This will greatly benefit clients with regional, national or international values they are fond of.

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