IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Yunhao Gao

Projet Description

The project is located in GLO Y MANSION. A boy living alone does not want an ordinary house, but to do something change by himself. Design with quality materials, three rooms changed to one room. Concealed lighting design, elegant and high-quality indoor space, not fish, but trees. With the absence of walls, the unimportant objects of life disappear, replaced by sunlight and natural temperatures, which can reduce the energy consumption generated by lights and air conditioning. Experience temperature, wind, moisture, the smell of rain, and natural light and shadow through your five senses.
The clean and tidy space is centered on a tree. This is not an ordinary tree, it is a tree in Sanmao poetry, very silent, very proud, never dependent, never searching.
The experience of life, and the accumulation of life, the comfortable living life begin here. Temperature, wind, humidity, the smell of rain, and natural light and shadow...

Yunhao Gao

About the Designer:
As a post-90s designer, design is something I love and have always insisted on. In our studio, we not only provide the interior design but tell your story.
2019 7th China Decoration Design Competition (CBDA Design Award) CBDA - Decoration Industry Innovation Design Organization
2019 7th China Decoration Design Competition (CBDA Design Award) Apartment & Villa space
2019 12th IAI International Design Awards – Interior Design Excellence Award, Residential Space
2019 - Outstanding Designer of WAD World Young Designers Conference
2019-2020 Top 100 Chinese National Decoration Design Figures
2019 China Design Award Annual Outstanding Modern Space Design 2019 Builder Home - Sumitomo Home Award that impresses you the most
2019 Outstanding Residential Space Design Award for Old House Freshmen
2019 6th China Design Annual Conference & Golden Eagle Design Award - Emerging Designer of the Year
2020 10th International Space Design Awards - IDEA-TOPS Award
Shejiben Interior Design Award 2020
2020 Kapok Red Cotton China Design Award for the Most Elegant and Luxury Space Design Award

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